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Photo documentation “Cults Open Air”

The Kulturwerkstatt has been a source of inspiration for cultural diversity and civic engagement in Paderborn since 1988. More than 100 member groups from the fields of art, culture and society have come to Bahnhofstr. 64 created a place for free, intercultural and subcultural encounters. The cultural workshop offers space for a wide variety of cultural orientations and at the same time broad sections of the population the opportunity to participate in cultural and social life.

In July 2021 the “Cults Open Air” took place in the open air for the first time. The Cult Open Air started with four events. Four airy events by members on Kardinal-Degenhardt-Platz in front of the city library in the heart of the city.

We have the events with the camera accompanied and captured many impressions and moods. These were spread through the Kulturwerkstatt website and about the Social media channels .

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